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Caseblink: Reinventing legal workflow with AI agents

This episode of Immigration Uncovered features an interview with Khalil Zlaoui, founder and CEO of CaseLink, an AI software company streamlining complex immigration workflows like O-1As, NIW petitions, and EB-1As. Listeners can expect to learn about Khalil's vision for CaseLink, how the platform leverages AI to automate legal writing and research, and his insights on the future of AI in the legal industry.

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AI Solutions in Immigration Law: CaseBlink CEO Interview

Unveiling the Future of Immigration Law with CaseBlink CEO Khalil Zlaoui. Dive into our exclusive interview with Khalil Zlaoui, the ingenious mind behind CaseBlink, as we unravel the journey of revolutionizing immigration law practices! From its inception to its current pivotal role, discover the essence of CaseBlink's groundbreaking approach.

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Learn more about CaseBlink's AI software and our immigration solutions.

How does CaseBlink work?

CaseBlink provides an intuitive AI-powered platform that streamlines legal workflows for immigration cases through document understanding, legal research, and tailored drafting. We uniquely provide end-to-end solutions for writing intensive immigration cases.

Will CaseBlink expand to other visa workflows?

Yes! We are expanding to other immigration categories, starting with writing-intensive employment based visas. We currently offer the EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) and the O-1A nonimmigrant visa.

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RFE response generation

Can we tailor the drafts to our law firm’s style and format?

We offer customization solutions to fit your law firm’s writing and formatting styles through enterprise solutions. Contact us to learn more about this option.

How can I try CaseBlink?

You can sign up to try CaseBlink Expert Letter AI for free this summer! This gives you access to our platform with free expert letter generation. You can choose to upgrade any case to premium, giving you access to legal brief generation, case research, evidence organization, and more features. If you are looking for custom solutions tailored to your law firm’s needs, contact us for enterprise offerings.


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